I offer weekly lessons, and do 1/2 hour, 3/4 and 1 hour lessons. Weekly Lessons are booked on a monthly basis. We ask that fees are paid at the beginning of the month.

Single, “drop-in” lessons are available as well, and can be booked and scheduled upon request

Lesson rates are $25, $37.50 and $50 for 1/2, 3/4 and 1 hour lessons.


Monthly Enrollment

Enrollment for weekly lessons are booked on a monthly basis. We ask that lessons fees are paid at the beginning of the month prior to that months lesson block.

To reserve a spot for monthly enrolments ahead of time, a deposit of 1/2 of the month is required to hold the booking and time slot.

Drop-Ins – 

We ask that drop in lessons are paid for immediately upon scheduling to reserve your scheduled lesson time.

Missed Lessons and Cancellations

Monthly Enrolment

Due to the nature of scheduling and reserving time slots for lessons, we do not offer make up lessons for missed lessons, last minute cancellations and no-shows. Please show up to your lesson, as I have arranged my personal and professional commitments in advance to ensure I will be there for your lesson. With that being said, I do like to offer some flexibility for unforeseen events, and will try and accommodate if things come up. Please get in touch in such a case. Please note, missed lessons are not deferred as a credit towards future billing blocks.

We ask for a two week notification for cancellation of monthly enrollments.

Please note, we typically do not have lesson during most holidays and they are not included in lesson fees. We will be providing a calendar of non-lesson days (holidays) shortly.

Make-up lessons will be provided for any teacher absences. Teacher absences are rare and are only taken due to extenuating circumstances.