Scarborough Fair – Chords

Use these chords to play through the melody of Scarborough Fair. The extra chords at the bottom can be used to sound out the rest of the phrases of the melody.


Particulates A fun little piece to learn Just play the notes at a steady speed.

Bach Tabs

J.S. Bach – Guitar Tabs Learn these Bach pieces  🙂 practice along download video https://takadimi.ca/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/presto.mp4

Major Scale Modes

Major Scale Modes These are the modes of the major scale in the 3 notes-per-string fretboard pattern.

G Major Scale – 3rds

G Major Scale – 3rds This is a pattern using the G major scale in the 3 notes per string layout.  This pattern skips a step from every note before moving on to the next note in the scale.

Single String Modes

Single String Modes Learn to play these scales. These are common scales used in guitar music. This is the simplest way you can play them on the guitar before learning to play the same scale across multiple strings.

Technical Dexterity Patterns​

Technical Dexterity Patterns These tabs can be used in many different ways to develop left and right hand technique. You can use small, 1 bar or 4 note segments and repeat them. As well, each note can be played in 4 or 8 times, at higher speeds. You can also play them in reverse.

Adjacent String Exercises

Adjacent String Exercises Picking and Fretting These exercises are good for getting used to crossing strings and synchronizing both hands. Watch the examples below for picking technique. Ex. 1 Ex. 2 Ex. 3

Pentatonic Shapes

Pentatonic Shapes These shapes allow you to play the same pentatonic scale up the guitar neck. The Pentatonic scale is used very often on the guitar for many popular styles of music and is important to learn.

Triads on the Guitar

Triads on the Guitar Triads are some of the most common chords used in music. One triad can be played in many different ways. These different way of playing them called “voicings” are good to learn as they will give you many different types of sounds from the same chord.